Thursday, May 29, 2008

complicated me..

yesterday..the fever n flu had made my life more complicated..i know my bff will asked me..why on earth i did that thing while she had alr. advised me on how should i faced him..but i dunno..yesterday i just lost my patience..being unknown of what had happened..why he didnt return my calls or my sms..while i'm having this fever n flu(while i desperately need to hear his voice..comforting me)..i'd sent a sms to him:
Sori 4 the calls(been trying to call him since last mth)..just pelik ko tak return calls..ko ok ke? ke bz sgt?..or aku ade buat ko marah ke?(am really wondering about this) How's the teraphy?(referring to his slipped disc) If there's still no reply from u..assume this is my last sms n call..
anyway..i was determined enuff to send him the sms..waited for him to reply till midnite..but there's no i concluded that he had already made up his mind..n i accepted goes on..there's nothing to be falling in love wif sumbody is one of the best thing that could happened in our life..and being hurt by that sumbody is just opposite of was just a balancing figure after all..chill~

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