Monday, May 05, 2008

my 'Radish'

Radish >> that's what i've been calling my brand new inspiron 1420. Just bought it last two weeks via cash for RM2,500. The note book is superb! Love everything about it. Hehehe..maybe bcoz the thing is still new soo it would take some time for the flaw to come out (kalo adelaa). Nway, since radish came into my life. I've been having very busy weekend. Ha ha..busy with SIMS and also my new addiction > Nancy Drew Interactive Game. Soo cool. Will update a review on the game later.

My Radish BioData
> Dual Core 1.73 Ghz
> 2gb Ram
> 384mb Graphic
> Integrated 2.0mp web cam
> DVD-Rw
> XP Pro
> Wireless, LAN, Bluetooth


ella said...

wah3! cun!

bila nak banje aku nihhhh!!

Permaisuri Mawar said...

amboi beli ca$h hehe