Monday, August 18, 2008

travelblog - KK

hye all..just got back from the fully sponsored co. trip to kk..not having a jet it was just 2++hrs from kl..but having a stiff neck and rase mabuk yg tak was 3d2n trip..went there with just so happened that our trip also coincided with another big co. trip (i think AIA) was all red shirts in the plane + quite havoc too..nway..bit of summary..of what we did+ what and where we ate+where we went to..

1st day 1st night - flight took off in the morning..reached kk in afternoon..checked in to Hyatt..after the 2nd batch arrived we went for stroll to the filipino market and had our pre dinner at the night market..nway..our real dinner was on a stranger who wanted to treat was a buffet dinnerat the hotel..(that 40++ man had a crush on our trainee..aku raselaa)..then we dozed got an island excursion the next day..

- me n trainee yg gile bergamba kat sutera-

- sutera harbour-

- mamutik island -

- manukah island-

- fish spa..anyone??-

- mamutik island -

2nd day 2nd night - woke up early around 6 a.m..(mind that at kk..the sunrise is one hr earlier than kl..) getting ready for the island excursion..had a b'fast at kfc..n we go to the sutera harbour..we opted to go to mamutik and manukah island (snorkeling and banana boat) not playing anything..(just duk bwh pokok n bace buku cerite) seronoknye..:)..went back to hotel..had our seafood dinner (ikan merah+sotong+prawns)..coconut drinks..n shopping!! i know that we're not getting the best most of the shops had closed..but for me the price was still acceptable..packed up n sleep..

- at national park -

- di kaki kinabalu - -6 supergirls at kaki kinabalu-

3rd day - woke up much more earlier than yesterday..around 5++..checked had promised to meet the travel agent on 6 a.m..for our last day act..we went to mt. kinabalu..i believed that..kalo tak g mt tak lengkap je trip g took 2++..the place was a bit cold..n the landscape was a breathtaking..the driver told us..that we should stay overnight there..but what to do..we had to work on's ok..maybe next time..from there..we went to kundasang..and then to the war memorial stop was the frozen seafood factory..and the last stop was tanjung aru..where we had another round of air kelapa n sayap..whoa!! not bad huh..we managed to squeeze soo many places within the limited time..indeed..we had a great time there..n am looking forward for another trip there..

p/s: mase pergi..checked in bag = 1..mase balik checked in bag = 5???


noorina said...

i really2 miss all the islands and kesejukan di kundasang. KK is such a wonderful place.

ella said...

5 beg? mesti ade buah tangan utk aku kan?

naDia said...

to rina>> hehe..aku pun dah rase rindu nak pg sane balik..:)

to ella>> adelaa skit ole2 tu..yg jd 5 tu..sbb mase memule pg..aku je checked in bag..dah aku gune laa..malas nak nyusahkan diri..dah balik tu..lg 4 org yg pakai..soo..jd laa 5 checked in..