Wednesday, December 31, 2008

bye2 --> 2008 . . . Welcome --> 2009

Today is the last day of been quite happening for the year as soo many big event which directly or indirectly effected my life..i'd started work at a new place(it's been 9 months now..tggu setahun 1/2 baru blah kot) me n mr.x had finally meet a conclusion(it is not a happy ending conclusion..but it made my life much more better now) my sister got married to her 8 years bf(yipee..i got a bigger room now..but a bit bored as there's nobody to talk to anymore in the room)..rina go pregnant and gave birth to Fatin(though dah takleh nak ajak karok or ke tpt bising2 bagus gak dpt tgk muka baru) my ex housemate aka pn sarah got married recently( jr pun dah kawin..kenalaa cr calon cpt2) sponsored trip to KK(1st time jejak kaki kat KK..pengalaman yg menarik) aside of that..konvoi raya 2 hari berturut2..bukak puasa together2..not bad huh for 2008?

For 2009..there are some definite event that will take place..somebody will get engaged in February..yuni will be getting married somewhere in April..that other somebody will be getting married in october..maybe somebody who got married this year will have their firstborn next year..maybe somebody will meet her/his true love next year..i'm hoping that there will be more #qepoh/#shadap gathering..i'm also planning for two overseas trip ..1st with my mum n the other one wif frens..last but not least..hopefully the worlds economy and climate crisis will get better..


ella said...

happy new year to u babe!

i wish for the best to u and all of our friends! :D

Permaisuri Mawar said...

hopefully the worlds economy and climate crisis will get better..
<--- wow yang last nih cam a real auditor nyer new year's resolution hehe ;)

naTea said...

to ella: happy new year to u too..i'm wishing for the best for both of u too..:)semoga tabung manik mencapai objektifnye!

to mawar: haha..sekadar doa dr seorg auditor..:)

noorina said...

happy new year!

(tu je comment aku)