Tuesday, December 30, 2008

resolution 2009 - not so new checklist. . .

as i was browsing thru the list of the blog entries, i noticed that there's no entry on the 2008 reso..soo..as 2008 had almost ended..let start with a new reso(adelaa b/f skit2)

1. Lose more weight
2. Get myself a driving license
3. Start Part 3 of ACCA
4. Buy my 1st property

Act..i have one more reso..but as this is a bit unrealistic..let just keep it to myself..see how it goes..if Allah has fated it to happen..it will become a reality..


Permaisuri Mawar said...

aja aja exercise...hmm wish u'll find ur mr.right in 2009 :)

noorina said...

yg driving license tu mcm dah byk kali aku perasan..huhu
cepat la sket aunty N.. mcm mana nak bawak fatin ronda2 kalau takde lesen ngan keta!