Thursday, December 18, 2008

mystery of the missing frying pan - Solved!

Last monday, my mum sent me a sms asking the whereabouts of her frying pan..of course i'm being unknown of the whereabouts of the thing just simply replied " i dunno"..soo..the next thing happened when i was back at mother asked me to search for the pan as she already asked my bro n sis..n both of them also said dunno..but deep in my n my mum had already knew what happened to the pan..soo..we just wait for the "pesalah" to confess..n then bro admitted that he had threw the frying pan..bcoz of the burnt fried egg that had left kerak hangus which he could not remove..hahaha..that's why i always told my mum..whenever things are missing and me n my sis both said " i dunno" that means we really dont the only person left is my bro and most probably he would helped us in solving the mystery of the missing things..:P

p/s: poor my mum..she had been using the pan since the last15 years..


ella said...

bagos gile cover.. buang tros! hahaha!!

naTea said...

fyi..nie bukan his 1st time..mmg dr dulu..kalo dah rosak skit..die selambe je yg mencari mmg rase frustrated laa..maybe bg die dah maybe bg tuan punye..still leh repair..