Thursday, January 08, 2009

Pre bday celebration - 3rd jan

Whereto: Alor gajah @ Melaka
Main objective: Attend Faris@ cheCkmate 's kenduri
Supplementary objectives: Checking out the Jonker's Street in baju kurung..hahahah

we all thought that from ayer keroh toll it would only took less than 30 minutes to reach his house..but eventually we only reached there 1 hr had been hujan renyai2 all the way..had our lunch at the kenduri and watch the 'havoc'ness of the photography session..Faris's mum was sooo sporting and cool..watching all their relatives berebut2 posing mmg priceless and a bit heartwarming too..from there..we headed to jonker street..and as usual as 1st timer..we got lost..but not for so long..we managed to find the place..take note on this..we reached there around 2.30 kot..we were really enjoying our jln2 at jonker's street till the extend..we singgah at most of the shop there except for the shop selling antiques(takut)..bought 2 sequin t-shirt for RM20+bought 2 cute lanyard for RM5+bought a slipper for RM5(pas jln for more than 2 hrs in heel, i really cannot take it anymore)..then..we had our tea break at hawker 88..sedapnyeeee ice kacang n cendol ade extra gula melaka for those who wanted to add more sweetness in their desserts..continue our jalan2 until 6.30 pm..wahhhhh..almost 4 hrs @ jonker street..
on the way back..drop by at masjid al-azim..cantik masjid nie..persekitaran pun sgt mengalu2kan jemaah..facility pun bagus..had our dinner at a&w (ikut bday girl punye wishes..tq gals!)..smpt last minute shopping at al-ikhsan..grabbed a reebok pink jersey @rm25..yeah..we really had a big blast pre bday celebration..tq mawar and shon!!

p/s 1: next time g mane2 bawak baju spare ok!
p/s 2: next trip to jonker street kena bawak duit lebih skit..
p/s 3: next trip kena gak beli printed blouse tu..tak kira!!
p/s 4: next trip..where to??


Permaisuri Mawar said...

main objective: jalan2 @ melaka town
additional : makan free at fariz's house hehe

naTea said...

hahaha...meaning purposely pakai baju kurung cam gadis melayu terakhir jln2 kat jonker street..ade rase cam tun teja plak...miahahhaha