Friday, January 30, 2009

the fateful day. . .

It must be that the snatchers had been aiming me for sometime. I was not really dressed up in fancy and expensive clothes, but I’m the kind of ppl who loves to well dress up b4 going out. Plus with the routine of leaving the house sharp at 8, shud be easier for them to target for me too. I don’t want to recall how it happened and how the culprit looks like. I lost my handbag, pendrive, purse and my precious hp. Mmg perit.but at least I learnt so many things from that (actually kalo dr awal dr amalkan..maybe leh dielakkan) Papehal pun. Few reminders for all of us:

- always keep ur hp and purse separately

- armed urself with the alarm or pepper spray or umbrella?

- avoid having a same routine everyday; use different route/ leave the house at different time

- avoid walking alone, but u have to always look around..esp. when there’s a motorbike or car approaching.

If things still happen. Don’t give much fight as the snatcher might bring along a parang or knife. The next thing to do is:

- Call the bank to freeze ur account.

- to report to the police (ensured that u had mentioned every single thing that is important to u; i.e, ic, atm card, student card)

- replace the ic (make sure u make a photocopy of the police report so that u wont be charged for the ic)

- replace atm card and credit card. Ask for advice if u’re in doubt whether u had taken adequate security measure.

- go to the nearest hp service provider to block ur phone. U can always use the same number again by applying for a new sim card.

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ella said...

sib baik ko tak ape2 beb..

it was a bad day for both u and me.