Friday, January 30, 2009

bday celebration >> backdated entry

The main celebration was during the birthday itself. As usual, me+rina+azhar+mawar+ella+miru, but with tiny new addition >> fatin. Nway fatin being a bit naughty today. Asik nangis jek. This time around we had our treats at the Italliannies 1U. We ordered slightly more than we managed to eat, so I had to tapau back some of the barely touched leftovers. Hehe. Me n Mawar had the Milanese grilled chicken (grilled chicken meat topped with cherry tomatoes with spinach and cream sauce) and bowl of pasta(4 bowls of much smaller portion of different kind of pasta). Ella n Miru ordered the filet mignon (sebut dgn betul k) and also bowls of pasta. Rina and azhar ordered spageti meatballs and Caesar salads. Pastu makan laa kami sampai menyesal. (menyesal sbb order byk sgt) And b4 that ade sesi bg hadiah. Ella n Miru gave me a pair of brooch (baguslaa..sbb all this while I’ve been having difficulties on getting a nice brooch). Rina and azhar gave me one my bday wish list Anastasia Movie and Ost. Mawar plak, mengsponsor partial price for a tunic from the parkson (I really loved the tunic..up to today dh pakai 2 kali k). Outing harini tak lame sgt..sbb kesian kat mama n papa fatin. Lg being had overspent the money for trip to Melaka and others, tk terase nak stay lame2. hehe..thanx gals n guys for the great bday outing!

2nd celebration was at home with mum and bro and a bday cake. It turned out that I had totally forgotten about the cake part. Hehe, thanx mum! Blew out the candles and made a few important bday wishes. (Mom had gave me early bday presents> estee lauder make up set)

3rd celebration was at klcc with mum n sis, ana. Kebetulan on that day (10th jan) was her bday. So we had a really great time there. Had our lunch at little penang kafe and also shared another bday cake with lots lots of strawberry on top (if my trainer found out about this..abislaaa)

4th celebration was at the office. It had been a tradition. For sure one of the day akan ade surprise party. As for this month ade 3 org sambut bday, so the event took place sumwhere in the middle of jan. we had dominoes pizza and secret recipe strawberry choc cake.. mmg havoc. just imagine 3 org rebut nak tiup lilin and potong kek. Plus the cake was a challenge for us to cut it.sampai hancur kek tu dikerjakan kitorg.

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