Thursday, March 12, 2009

confession of shopaholic

Event For Ladies

i'm very interested in joining this event. however, i'm having a hard time to find sumone to accompany me to that event(1st.bcoz it cost u rm80, 2nd. maybe bcoz most of my frens had alr. hooked up wif sumone 3rd. the event meant for ladies only) alr ajak my besfren, but she can't afford the price am thinking of inviting soraya as it had been a long2 time kitorg hangout, so leh catch up. papehal pun, as the dateline for registration is next week, i'll try my best to find sumone to accompany me there.


Soraya said...

ala.. sorry... as you know, saye ade kelas on saturday and sunday :(

im looking forward to hangout with you.. some other times perhaps?

naTea said...

heheh..aiyaa..totally forgot about it..sorry mate! its ok..i dah pre-arranged other act on that day also..nvm..maybe on friday nite kite leh hang out2..;p