Monday, March 23, 2009

my so called life...

working life had been quite hectic since last week..but still i got the time to plan for a small gathering for #qepohian..currently i'm not only busy finalizing reports, there were also technical classes that had to be attended, self study for the june'09 ACCA seating, looking for new job, the training session and did i mentioned that i'm going to do major renovation for my bedroom? yup..i'll be painting the room with new colours, do serious spring cleaning, install new bed+cabinet+wardrobe and curtain panel, redecorating the room..can't wait to see the result..currently busy sketching the floor plan for the room(hey, i did learnt few techniques while studying the architectural drawing back at sEMesTa)..nway..last weekend i managed to escape from my usual weekend routine; (sat morning-evening workout at FF, sat nite sleep early, sunday laundry day)..instead of doing that..i did my laundry on sat morning, cooked lunch in afternoon, went to the supermarket and hang out with family at oldtown savoring some sinful delicacies over there(dahlaa tak work out pastu makan plak curry ayam toast..sorry leong!)while at nite due to the coffee, i only managed to sleep sumwhere at 3am..luckily ade byk interesting shows on the tv that nite..the next day, i rest all day >> playing computer games; cooking dash+eye for design..hidup mesti enjoy!

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