Tuesday, April 21, 2009

when the lights go out . .

i'm soo relieved that i had iron all the clothes for the week. so when suddenly taman wilayah went out of electricity due to the ribut kecil i was not that panic..but i dont have matching headscarf to go with the baju kurung, n luckilly there's a beige headscarf that i'd wore once and w/o any reason i decided to hang it in the closet 1st..the headscarf had saved me..though not too ideal with my blue baju kurung, kire oklaa!..next, i forgot to remove the contact lens b4 sleeping, so during the night, the contact lens removed itself from my eyes and that 5.30 am, i'm like a blind frantically search for it as that was the last pair i had(must buy new pairs today!) alhamdulillah, i managed to find the thing..soaked the thing in the solution and took my bath and started to siap2(1st time in the year, i went to office with very minimal make-up: baby powder only)then had another round of searching for things to be pack in my exercise bag..what a morning!


ella said...

rajen gile iron baju utk stok seminggu. kalo aku mau lenguh pinggang. aku jenis iron baju tiap2 mlm. ikut mood aku nak pakai baju ape esoknye.

lens tercabut? ni mesti jenis tido mata terbukak ni. sama mcm miru. td pon dia tido ptg, aku tgk kat muka dia ada tertempek lens yg dah kering.

naTea said...

hehe..itu mmg tgh dtg mood rajin gile..lgpun last week aku jd motivated sbb keja 3 hari je..:P