Thursday, April 16, 2009

how easy . . .

i can fall in love into someone..and forget that someone..

i met him for the first time. what a good 1st impression n then the cupid arrow striked straight to my heart.n no matter how he treated me i had always liked him. only when i heard the news he'd married. i surrendered and learn to forget him. yes. he's totally out.

i met him for the first time at a meeting. but i just glanced at him once. he's just so ordinary person except for he is a smart and hardworking student/employee. but few years later. we went out for a few time. n then the cupid find the way to my heart again. but this time around it hurts much more than before. maybe bcoz i started to put a little bit more than before. i still learn to forget this.

i met him for the first time and i no that there's no way i would like him. he is just totally opposite of me in everything. he's a nag. he's too skinny. he's bit rude too sometimes. but unfortunately after months. i finally gave up to his gazing eyes and gentleman gesture and his humor. i've accidentally fall for him. and i desperately trying to avoid this. and i know this wont be as easy as it seems.


Permaisuri Mawar said...

hmm try watch the movie "he's just not that into you" or better still to read the book.. nways, love is just a feeling *sigh*

naTea said...

not interested in 'too many angle kind of love'movie is just a feeling..where you can be confused and hurt and hopeful and .. . :)