Sunday, June 20, 2010

showdown 2010

i'm not an avid fan of showdown 2010. but when i had accidentally watched this crews dance, i was instantly hooked up with them. they are the floor fever crew and wakaka crew..

floor fever crew is the most synchronized dance crew, i've ever seen. their dance was alway well choreographed and had never failed to make me impressed from week to week..

whilst the wakaka crew, they dance with souls and lots of passions. each of their dance gave me goosebumps.

hopefully both of the crew will be battling each other at the final showdown 2010.

here are some best take from floor fever and wakaka crew:


i.z.m.a said...

aku pun memang tiap2 malam rabu mesti layan showdown ni. bukan la sebab minat sangat dengan dunia tarian, just that suke tengok...

naDia said...

hopefully floor fever menang esok!! kalo dpt tgk live kan best??