Saturday, July 09, 2011

when i'm stress i did some shopping #2

went to office that sunday. felt very sleepy though. stayed back for 2-3 hours n then decide to go home. on the way home, dropped by at KLCC (2 nd time for this week) original plan is to buy a nokia hp for mum. (touch screen with 3g, summore) but cant find the shop which previously same floor as the tgv. so detour. went to maxis klcc, hurm torn between sony arc and samsung galaxy s 2 (that one for myself), couldnt decide, decide later la.

went back to KLCC, accidentally went inside uniqlo.grabbed a blue and green shirts, a black jacket, without knowing i had picked around 5 pieces of it. (planning to there again to grab workout tshirt n white jacket). for that 5 pcs spent around RM180. 

then, to nose. thinking of a flats. but i ended up buying another handbag. nothing to regret! love the design. furthermore will be cleaning out the closet and just right time to update the handbag collection.

decided that i had enough, bought hot rotiboy and went home but dropped by at sogo first. looking for the loafer which i had been aiming for some times. it's a white loafer with bling2.tried it n comfy enough n made payment. RM103. :) 

so. no more shopping for handbag and heels and loafers for this month. should i feel stressed again. i should aim for a flat, green and blue scarfs and green and blue kurung. when i'm stress i did some shopping and as i had did that much shopping for the month, its time to clean up the wardrobe to give room to new items in house.

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