Monday, January 23, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Harini kami beraya kat one utama. As usual byk kedai tutup. Tp still ok la as the main anchor still bukak. Kami makan kat seoul garden. As today is public holiday, diorg caj xtra rm 2 per pax. My 2nd time ere, not bad la. We ate for about 2++ hrs. Almaklumlaa, the whole family ade. Then, we wathed this dragon show at the atrium. Best! Sbb ade byk small2 dragon dancing n fighting. Even lil kasih enjoyed the show very much. At the end of the show, the dragon offers the viewers mandarins thru their mouth, dunno whether there is any significance behind this gestures. Then, we all window shopped for a new handbag for my sis. But we ended up only buying tako, cheap mandarins, okonomiyaki n a bday cake. But the highlight of the day was when i bumped into old fren back at deloitte. Eventually, had been having the feelings of bumping into her since last friday, would never thought it will be true. N this was not my 1st time. So happy able to meet her again, wish could have long chat, but she's wif her family. So, off to selayang. Reached home, kasih tried out the new hoodie i bought for her, she loves it, even posed as what we had instructed. So cute! We had our dinner n they all went home. Dan secara tiba-tiba, umah kembali kepada yang asal. sunyi n sepi..

Kasih with new hoodies busy playing the tab
Berebut nak amik limau dr mulut naga..IRL ade ke org nak wat camtu?
overstuffed with seoul garden buffet..nie buktinya!

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