Thursday, December 02, 2004

saye dah pulang..

Today..the semester had officially ended. Yet for me..pelik pulak rasanya..sbb tadek rasa nak balik umah pun. Sumhow, I was very glad that for this time..packing seemed like the easiest thing ever. Hahaha..belaja dr pengalaman..n my ex rumet..barang pun tak byk mana..tu yg cepat aje kemas. Nway, my dad n auntie who were supposed to pick me up at 11 a.m..arrived 1 hour later, which is when I had agreed to have lunch wif my fren. Nasib baik, auntie managed to handle my my dad bertegas nak balik long I can meet my fren b4 the break start. Papepun..the quick lunch goin on well except for the food..tak sedap..huhu..

Alhamdulillah..dekat kul 4 aku selamat sampai kat umah..i decided not to unpack my things except for my computer..coz..i’ve been thinking of going back to utp 3-4 weeks earlier b4 the final sem start..heheh..hopefully..this break..would be much more better than the last sem..

p/s: “Do not plan..just keep prepare..”

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