Friday, December 10, 2004


it's been a week..but it seems like a month had past..Aiya, how i'm gonna survive for another 6 weeks..dgn keadaan kewangan yg tak stabil skang..+ most of my fren still struggling with their internship..the least that i can reading all the malay novels..hahah..till today dah abiskan about 10 titles..among the novels are: Nota Hati Luka n Ombak Rindu..layan jiwangg..:P

sumhow..i was very glad that sumone had kept his promise by calling me a few hours before his flight..actually..lately..he was too bz with his preparation for his first trip to oversea..n eventually..i felt like being ignored for a while(hahahah..patut ke tak patut?) ..

the rest of the day..i spent by doing small gotong royong kat n fren will be staying at my home next week..katenye ade seminar kat kl..kepenatan dibuatnye after that gotong royong..almaklumlah..i had to do all by myself..however..puas rasanya sbb buat keja sendri..else sure byk yang tak kena..a lil bit fussy about this..heheh..

p/s: 'Not all promises are meant to be broken'

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