Thursday, January 19, 2006

hepi bday to ME <<

Adding a new number to my age, does make a lots of different..i’m getting older not younger..n I need to put a dot on my irresponsible acts n started to be more responsible to my family, myself n the future..future ?? put that aside first. My bday was great..especially when receiving greetings via smses, calls, email, friendster..vice versa..n also when getting cool gifts from mum n liyana...the day I spent at mid valley (again?) with shon n alia..bowling @ cosmic bowl + lunch @ kenny rogers + cheaper by the dozen 2@gsc + choc banana cake@ secret recipe (shon belanje..arigato~) seronoknyee saye ari nie~

p/s: semoga allah panjangkan umurku..limpahkan rezeki dan nikmat padaku..rahmati hidupku ..keluargaku..sahabat2ku..muslim dan muslimat..amin..

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