Thursday, January 19, 2006

Exam dtg Lagi ~

Final exam for the my conversion course started the day after the christmast holiday. Have I prepared for it ? of course laa ade 60% jelaa..still in holiday I was glad that I’d attended all the classes + try out the assignment n exercises..else..i wouldn’t be so calm like this..

1st paper – Business Law
I’d failed this paper during the interim test. Obvious reason = reading + memorizing + writing long essay..i never scored this subject since at semesta..but for this time around, I had spend most of the time to memorize the sections + case law. Questions were as what I’d been expected, not too easy or too confusing. Target – Pass !

2nd paper – Taxation
I should have revise the corporate tax exercise from A to Z. No wonder when I opened the booklet, I started to panic when I saw the corp. tax question. It was a simple question bu it seems like I failed to recall all the important aspects of it; especially – approved donation in term of stocks. Somehow, I managed to calm down and only tried out the question after finishing the other 4 question. Target – 70 – 80 marks..

3rd paper – management accounting
Standard n variance analysis have cost me about 10 marks. I couldn’t remember the formula or the relation to the calculation. Tu tak campur lagi theories on marginal costing. When move on to Quantitative Technique part, was more horrible than MA part. Haiya.. camna mau skor nie.. Target – Pass! Pass!

4th paper – Financial Accounting & auditting fundamental
Nothing much to expect when it had been moderated to be at advanced level paper. Nevertheless, I still can handled the paper except the ratio n its analysis. I could not even rite down the on earth do you expect me to analyze the financial position? Historical & trend analysis pulak tu..Dabel dem..Target – Pass! Pass! Pass!

“Kalau conversion pun dah susah camni..camnelaa nak idup for another 3 years ngan Micpa nie” – Nadiah Mohammad when was asked on the most overused sentences for the past 3 months..

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