Tuesday, January 31, 2006

memoirs of geisha

outing with the gals...rina n azhar, mawar, hasfa n nadia..mission: memoirs of geisha..mawar n her mum picked me up at my home from subang..if i knew that she was coming from her home at subang, i would rather go to klcc by myself..kesian plak..however..tadeklaa rase teruk sgt coz at the same time leh pass her convo picture..at klcc..i was very happy to meet rina there..haha..rindu seh kat my ex rumet..later on..dissatistified with the tgv booking system..we're supposed to get much more better seat rather than seating at the 4th row from the front..dahlaah tak dpt tpt duduk yg sepatutnye...we still have to pay an extra rm1 for that..baik takyah book camtu..tutup citer jap..then..guess what..tgh jejalan..leh terjumpe a fren of mine - berg..yg dah lame plan nak dibelanje..tp masing2 sgt2 sibuk..hahah..another thing that makes my day is a happy day...after watching geisha (which is kinda good..in term of cinematography and the actor itself) we went for a lunch at nandos (still on mawar) heheh..sorilaa mawar...next month kalo aku dah keja aku open table lak..ok ? after perut masing2 dah penuh..maka kami pun berangkat nak balik..but ade yg ade hala tuju lain2..but for me..as it was the beginning day of a very long cny + awal muharam holiday..i prefer to be at home asap..n that is how i ended another month in the calendar..

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