Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cuti2 Genting

Eventually, the trip was the 3rd time for me. wasn’t on the right time it had been raining almost everyday @ anytime + it was school break (which means pEAk season = had to pay more price) + i havent started revising any subject for the exam. But, we didn’t have any choice was the only time where everybody is available = at home. Bought two easy day package worth rm176 each..hurm.. after considering the room rates + the sumptious buffet lunch at Coffee Terrace + skyway rides n misc..agak berbaloi jugaklaa. Spent 2d1n there..most of the time we spent @ the arcade..n then eating lots of fast for those who in tight budget but still wanted to have fun @ genting – bring ur own drinks (make it minerals or soft drinks)..or get ready to pay extra for the drinks was pretty expensive (or should I put ‘damn’ )..outdoor theme park?’s raining maaa~

p/s: teringat kat #genting..korang sume dah mencapai objektif penubuhan kelab ke?

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