Friday, February 08, 2008

Me and Mr. X part 1

It’s Chinese new no wonder once I stepped into the metro bus..all what I can said, ”OMG..ramainye mat2 B* and I*!”. Lucky, I didn’t have to go straight to KL with them. Is not that I’m being prejudice. It just that I didn’t feel safe at all as 98% of them is men. Well, at warta lama (my interchange station), the situation is exactly the same as in the bus. Then I who had a very light breakfast started to feel nauseous (any crowds would make me sick!!) Manage to control myself from throwing out at the bus stop and took a cab to KLCC. (Jalan Kuching – KLCC =RM11)

It was about 10 minutes before the show started. Gosh, I’m late. Very2 late (but who cares, this is just an outing nadia, not a date) I’ve quicken my steps while hoping that Mr. X had bought at least a mineral water before we going in. Then, I saw him with cap and sunglasses (hurm..perlu ke? Ke sbb nak nyorok? Wallahualam), smiled at him and make a quick check up on him from head to toe (especially tgn die..but there’s nothing!) As I was late, and the show is about to started, I thought it was wiser for me to just go in with him. Anyway, we watched cj7 (it was my first time watching Chinese film at cinema and the tickets was courtesy of him.Tq!)

Later, he treated me lunch (he said that I’m a student, so he should belanje me. So, thanks again!). Weird enough, soon after the movie ended, I felt very hungry but at the end I barely ate anything (I bought mee curry, but I only ate the tofu+the fish fillet+1/2 of the mee portion). Is not that I segan or anything, but the gravy didn’t meet my expectation.

Having a quite heavy discussion (but not about us or anything related to that). Discussed about our careers, our (own) future planning, other peoples’ life (sempat gossip lg tu). Though, it was a quick lunch, (he had to go back to work, can you believe that?) but at least some of questions that I’d badly wanted to ask him had been answered without having me to ask him first. Thanks to the boss, our outing had to be ended there. Next week, he’ll be on and off at KL again (but I hope that he’ll manage to watch the Dunia Baru the movie with or without Me.) maybe until May or June.

Now, I’m at home and had started missing him! Haha, mengarutlah! Since Mr. K*, I’d restricted myself from having that kind of feeling (tak berbaloi). Anyway to Mr. X, kerja rajin2 so that you can provide a comfortable life for your future family! (tak kisahlaa ngan sesape pun) but please take care of yourself too.

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Permaisuri Mawar said...

Uuuu this is something new :) Love comes to those who believe it, and that's the way it is! All the best :D