Friday, September 12, 2008

Buka Puasa 2008 - Girls @ Umah Sewa Version

Alhamdulillah..another mission accomplished last was held to celebrate the September's girl >> Waida n Mawar..the venue was at the living room of a double storey house sumwhere at tmn melati??..eventually on that day..went out with my mum n sis for a shopping spree at sogo..the initial go home by 1 pm..but we only managed to go home around 5..soon after reaching home..i started to get the sheperd pie ready (requested by kawan2)..It took 1 1/2 hrs to be baked..nway..this is the recipe..might be varied with other existing recipe..


Mashed potatoes
- Potatoes (4-6 medium sized) (boiled n mashed)
- 2 tablespoon of Full cream milk
- Pepper for seasoning
- Butter/margarine

Meat fillings
- 500g of Minced meat (I used Ramly’s minced meat)
- Tomatoes (3-4 medium sized) (either chopped or blender)
- Chili sauce
- Mixed herbs, black pepper and oregano for seasoning
- Onions – diced
- Carrots – chopped
- A bit of chicken cube (optional)

For layering, I used mayonnaise and cheddar cheese or any cheese.

Cooking instruction:

For the meat fillings, mixed all the listed ingredients into a pot and cooked it until it becomes a bit dried. Same thing goes to the mashed potatoes. After both meat filling and mashed potatoes ready, prepare a baking dish and place the meat filling at the bottom followed by a thin layer of the mashed potatoes and spread the mayonnaise over before adding the last layer of the mashed potatoes. On top spread some cheese and baked in the oven for 20 – 30 minutes.

Though, there were only 7 of us, the party still happening! Maybe because of the bihun tomyam which was prepared by Nor and her co-chef (1st time buat mmg dah lulus lessen utk berniaga..cume bg aku, kurang umpph sbb kureng pedas..but still sedap utk aku yg sememangnye hantu tomyam mengulang tambah makan). Tak lupe jua pada sponsor2 makanan n peel fresh..mmg mengenyangkan..alhamdulillah~

p/s: Hepi belated bday to waida n mawar..bile u all nak open table??

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