Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr. X bday?

Yesterday was his 25th still in MC mood..the flu is getting better but the migraine isnt..actually..i got something for his bday..but then..he's been soo busy than ever..soo..i just couldnt find the rite time to meet him..soo..i just sent him a voice sms 1st(hahaha..just baru je bangun tido n terus nyanyi lagu bday) till i dunno when..he'll be out station..hurmm..with other female colleague(am i jealous?? nope..sbbnye lately..aku dah start berserah pd Allah) having constantly thinking about him is unbearable to me i'm having sooo many family problem + quarter life crisis to think of rite now..but i must admit that i'm a bit terkilan as i wouldnt got the chance to break fast with him this he told me that he'll only be back for a while during raya..hurm..tunggu lagi?? (is it a worthwile for me to wait??..i think it least rite now)
p/s: myself a deadline for him..:p

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