Monday, September 22, 2008

Buka Puasa - Officemate Gals Only Version

Another round of buka puasa together2(alr. becoming a routine to buka together on friday)..this time me n the officemate (incl. a sarawakian n a chinese)..there were 6 of us..the venue; pavilion which was nearby the office..the menu: korean cuisine (me), mee kari, nasi ayam char kuew teow(the rest)..after the breaking fast..went for a window shopping at the padini concept store and parkson..trying out the funky accessories..then decided to watch a movie..fortunately..there's no interesting movie to watch as it was still early+some of us still have curfew! (guess who?)..soo after cuci mata..bought belgian choc ice blended..and balik umah..

p/s: Rase bosan sbb tadek org utk dikaco..bile mr.x nak balik??

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