Friday, May 22, 2009

KL Marathon - Standard Chartered

Last tuesday, while i was struggling with the weight training, my personal trainer, Leong gave me a new instruction, he asked me to join this KL Marathon. Well, my first response: " i don't want. i'm bz with my exam" then he told me that this had nothing to do with my exam as the run will take place on 28th june. so i just told him: let me think about it first.(he responded to me with his frowning face)

btw. the reasons that i refused to participate in this run; i don't have a companion+i hate running exercise/training+the run will start at early in the morning..however, yesterday, my gym partner agreed to join the race. well seems like i have to join the run anyway. So, guys n gals, do you want to join the run too? it will be fun as this seems like the biggest marathon event in msia.

quickie info:

Start: Dataran Merdeka, KL
Date: 28th June 2009, sunday

Full marathon - 42.195 km (start time 5.00 am)
Half marathon - 21.1 km (start time 6.15 am) | Leong will be under this category
10 km run (start time 7.00 am)
5km Fun run for individual and group (start time 7.45am) | i'll be under this category
Kid dash

If u're newbie like me, highly recommend the fun run. the entry fee is RM40 provided u registered by june 1.

This is the route for the fun run category:

that was just brief info. for detailed and registration info at KL Marathon website

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Permaisuri Mawar said...

woh ya. aja aja fighting!