Monday, May 25, 2009

Pre-Exam Outing

last sat was the best sat for me this month. as usual, after the training session (exercising and 'gaduh' session with my personal trainer), me n my frens get ready for our next plan; hanging out at klcc..1st mission - purchase tickets for night at the museum 2 (i'd booked earlier, soo didnt have to go through the long queues) next, while looking for a restaurant/cafe to lepak2 and snacking, we'd bumped into an ex utpians; suzy wif her fren. It turned out they just got back from registering to Ask Cleo online at the starbucks and in return they received a cLEo goodies paper bag consisting of; the latest l'oreal paris elvive re-nutrition night serum, conditioner, and shampoo(i've been aiming to try out this new products, but as it quite costly compared to sunsilk damage reconstruction, so i deferred the plan), starbucks voucher (which i dunno whether i shud use it or not), Cleo's stuff..not bad, huh? soo we tried our luck hoping that the booth still open and alhamdulillah, they're still there, so instead of splurging on new hair care products, i managed to get it all for free..

p/s: they will be at sunway pyramid this coming weekend. the registration is for first 50 readers. so head up to starbucks on this coming sat if u want free goodies.

next, we had our tea break at dome. this shud be my 3rd time at dome since the last visit with rina,mawar&azhar (and 1st time for my fren). i was surprised with the pricing for the foods and beverages (which i found a bit overpriced). but lantaklaa as it was only once in a month we splurge a bit on good food. i ordered cherrylicious with chicken sausage pastry with the tasty tomato chutney dipping (that cost me RM31) while she ordered tuna sandwich and caramel nut crunch(shud be around RM44) though we had to wait for around 10-15 minutes, we are satisfied with the food quality and portion (byk sampai my fren tak terabis pun that tuna sandwich). while snacking, as usual some gossiping while browsing thru magazine.

p/s: planning for another snacking session at california pizza kitchen@cpk next month..

next stop was the tGv. as usual, malaysians wont be a malaysian if they wont make some unnecessary noise, havoc, chit chatting in the cinema. huh, as one of the malaysians who had used to this scenario, what we can do is just to be patient and pusing belakang sambil buat muke yg annoying with their noise. takut plak nak sound lebih2..jenuh plak kalo diorg bawak geng..:P btw night at the museum 2 was fun, hillarious, and educational. the characters that i found amusing are; the cupids who make good rapping version of 'more than a women', the capuchin monkeys with the tablets..but the cons side is it was a bit draggy though.

p/s:transformer , harry potter next . .

last stop: primavera..i tried on a shoes worth rM149..and the shoes really fit me but the money was was 3 inch high heel and i was really head over heels for this shoes..for sure i'll buy this shoe using this month salary! if u wondered how the shoes looks like, it was something like this(different color, different high and slight different in design)

p/s: so..shud i buy the shoes or not??


++ hainey ++ said...

buy buy buy....before ur life will transform to save save save ;p hihihiks

naTea said...

haha..good right 26 is the turning point to start saving more than spending rite?