Sunday, May 10, 2009

quickie . .

- my youngest sister is planning to tie the knot soon. she is only 21! i dun bother about the 'langkah bendul' thingy. but it just bothers me when somebody else bother about this..duh!!

- this morning around 5 a.m, while i was sleeping, something from the "other" world decided to sleep beside me! it was a bit creepy and mysterious. eventually i thought that was my sister. while trying asking whether the air con at her room is out of control, i noticed that i could hardly said a word. but as soon i found my voice and turned to the other side, there was nobody beside me!!

- i love to read the horoscope column, but i never believed it, just for fun and to observe whether some of the prediction will coincidently happened to me. last fri, while browsing thru theSun, the column reads that someone that i cared will make a last minute plan and at the same time i already make a plan. it was advised that i shud reschedule/abandoned my own plan and to say yes to the last minute plan. and indeed it happened. 1 hr after that my besfren smsed me re: the trip to kuantan for the next day. but i didnt follow the advice, as i couldnt simply cancel my training session plus my mum will be going for an out station job till end of this month. but..such a coincidence!

- i'm planning to bake a choc cake this month..if anybody wants to order, pls make it fast.


noorina said...

-bes ape langkah bendul leh mintak hantaran serba satu (or serba dua) keh keh keh. takpon paling koman dpt cincin sebentuk..
-sib baik tak on your top.
-no komen :P
-i want! bape inggit eh?

Permaisuri Mawar said...

for a second i thought you meant me as your besfren.. silap rupanya. no wonder no reply to my sms

naTea said...

- +ve thinking betul nie..yup..mmg aku akan mintak serba satu..
- sib baik lepas tu dah tak kena aku tido tak tutup lampu for the whole week
- aku tgh kire harge..

mawar: haha..u'll always be my bff..nway lain kali kalo nak g jauh2 nie kena konfem awal2 k..