Friday, June 05, 2009

F8 Audit & Assurance

Disclaimer: I self study for this paper. I didn’t attend classes or even the revision classes. I’m getting ready for the exam solely based on my audit notes+textbook+prior year question+2 ½ years of audit experience. (bukan berlagak pandai, but more to nak save duit dan masa)

The truth: Last minute study. I kinda took the paper for granted as I thought I could rely on my audit experience. But look at the bright side, shud I had follow the right guide of auditing, I would be ok.

The paper was 3hrs and 15 minutes. It was fully essay paper. ACCA exam would never fail to give me a neck+head+back pain after submitting the answer booklet, nevertheless the level of difficulties of the paper.

If I managed to answer all question with an extra 20 minutes to tidy up my answer booklet (underlining the main issues, making a box, draw a line and others) is it consider that i:

- know everything; or

- just simply wrote crappy stuff; or

- know nothing; or

- I’m still good at goreng2; or

- I tak cukup menggoreng; or

- I want to usha one hot guy who is taking the same exam too?

Frankly speaking, I’d good feeling after the exam. Feeling of passing the paper. Fyi, in ACCA, what counts is whether u pass or not. It was not about marks, unless u aiming to be best student in the world/Malaysia or highest score for paper, it will be another issue. Nway, sbb dah perah otak seabis2nye, what’s left is to berdoa kepada Allah.

p/s: 6 more to go . . (sempat kawin n ade anak nie)


Permaisuri Mawar said...

all the best of luck :) sure pass nyer. else takkan la ya kitorang punya informal tax auditor kan ^_^

noorina said...

patut la aku rasa pelik sbb ko takde mention pasal pegi kelas.
nway, bravo la.. essay plak tu.. kalau aku kena buat exam balik skang ni..tak dpt nak dibayangkan.

naTea said...

mawar: arigato!
rina: heheh..aku mmg dr utp dulu ske menggoreng..hehe..ko tak perlu bayangkan lagi buat masa nie..pasal ko mmg tadek amik pape exam pun..:)