Thursday, June 04, 2009

Study Leaves . .

It was another great two weeks study leaves (but not so great as mum was out station) Indeed, I’d fully utilize my study leaves by doing quite a lot of useful activities. That includes:

1st week

Monday – work out at fitness first and surfing the net (I just flipped the prior year question today)

Tuesday – work out session with trainer. I’d purposely left the notes at home. As I know I won’t be reading the notes. Went to the hair salon for a hair cut (the last time I cut my hair was 5 months ago) and the stylist over there suggested a scalp treatment which I declined as I could do it by myself at home. Love the new hair cut. But mum was a bit furious as my hair had become much2 shorter than before.

Wednesday – start a serious study session. Manage to finish reading the whole set of note by nite.

Thursday – Surfing the internet and playing this Farm Town thingy (almost addicted to it, but thank god I managed to refrain myself from over-indulging into this game). Had an appointment with the insurance agent. (Frankly speaking, I don’t like the idea of not knowing who had give my phone number as the insurance agent refused to disclose the person name) but as I had been thinking of getting myself an insurance, it would be a good opportunity for me in getting more info on insurance. The supposedly 15 minutes meeting had extended to 1 hour borak2 session which made me rushed to home. I cooked a proper dinner today (seriously I couldn’t recall when was the last time I cooked a proper meal for dinner) but the rice turned out to be a bit too lembik. Haha, my brother teased me “camnelaa nak kawin, masak nasi pun lembik” . fyi, it was the 1st time the rice turned out to be halfway porridge. To go along with the nasi; sambal tofu telur+fried chicken+kubis panjang with anchovies+telur dadar.

Friday - went to the gym with the notes. Revised a few section. Next, date with the qepohians at klcc food court. The initial plan, was me n shon, but as I expected that will be more. Waida and khuzai (a surprise appearance, as she is working at KK) tag along. So, we had a fun power lunch. Catching up while commenting on the food and wondering how I know the food court much better than them (I’m just the regular KLCC patron, whilst they’re the permanent occupant of the KLCC..hehe they worked at petronas) The luncheon on Friday ended after the trip to Kinokuniya.

2nd week

Monday – stayed at home. Seriously focusing on prior year question. (yeah..another last minute thingy)

Tuesday – the 29th training session. Study .. study..

As june 09 study leaves had ended, now I’m anxiously waiting for dec’09 study leaves.

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