Friday, June 05, 2009

Training Session At Redbox Ria

Wah, ape sudah jadi nie. Sepatutnye work out session kat gym. Nie dah buat kat redbox plak dah. Haha. Actually, sumwhere in March, I promised my trainer, if his lungs test come out positive (which means that he’s free from the pneumonia), I’ll treat him a karaoke session. so, last Saturday, we met at the redbox ria. Nway, there was not only two of us. I pujuk my junior to join us (nasib baik nuu sporting) so, we got 3 hour melalak session for RM50..

For the first hour, my trainer still malu2 lagi. Tp die dah enqueue playlist for me. His choices of song was not bad and quite challenging for me:

- adibah noor terlalu istimewa (he said: I pass)

- ning baizura awan yang terpilu (he said: I pass)

- misha omar bunga2 cinta (he said: I fail)

- Mariah carey through the rain (he said : so so)

The rest was my must sing song – I’m yours+terbaik untukmu+beauty and the beast+bleeding love+cinta dalam hati+ etc..

The next 2 hours, dah tak malu2 dah..eventually he sang quite a lot of song. And surprisingly he didn’t sang any Chinese song at all. While my junior, nampak je diam n kecik comel, tp her choices of song, mmg dasat, most of her choices of song ade element of rock. Not bad2..

Owh, btw, before we dismissed, he came out with 2 dares for me:

- to enter the karaoke contest

- if I manage to lose another 10kg, he’ll treat me the next karaoke session

p/s: thinking..and wishin and hoping . .


Permaisuri Mawar said...

hohoh nak gak dapat leong at PT camni ;)
p:s trying to lose weight myself.. tapi takde orang pon nak blanje karaoke ^_^6

naTea said...

mawar: boleh2..sign up laa sini..;p