Tuesday, June 16, 2009

gath + kenduri + shopping = makan3

2nd weekend of June started with the mini-gathering #qepohian at food court klcc eve of the weekend. The attendees were; fidah(host), shon(secretary kot), me, nor, rina & azhar, and yus. Though a bit kelam kabut as not so many ppl able to confirm their attendance, the gath went on great(though there were two awkward moments happened on that nite) the main purpose; to pass the special (fidah’s) wedding invitation card (mmg special n agak sukar utk dipost as the card was a bit thicker than the normal card). Beside that, we had our gossiping session too (as we are the #qepohian) while eating the waffle/popiah and drinking the coconut drink, (credit to fidah for belanje air kelapa). And extra credit to reedu n nor for hantarkan aku balik ke umah on that nite.

Next, on sat, me n nor meredah ujan lebat to bangi. Our mission; to attend waida’s brothers’ wedding. Though the trip took almost an hour. We managed to reach the house and find a good parking spot. We met waida who looks pretty in the blue kebaya (she rarely dressed up kind of person..ske pakai sempoi2) and terus makan as we were sooo hungry. The caterer was UBE catering and the nasi minyak plus the varieties of the lauks were simply delicious. (if only I was not in diet mode, I would have tambah nasi and lauk) but the most unforgettable dish was the dadih kelapa. Very unique and soothing for the throat. Unfortunately, there’s only 1 left at the dessert table or else I would have tapau extra dgn muke selambe. But I managed to tapau tapai pulut for my mum (and as expected the tapai pulut was nice too)

On Sunday, after been postponing the the agenda for a while, finally me and my mum able to go to jalan tar and sogo for a shopping trip. Our target; kain for baju raya in maroon colour. And guess what? After jalan2 kuar masuk almost 10 textile shop, we ended up buying nothing. Seriously, tadek satu pun yg memikat hati. Penat berjalan, we stop at a mamak, have a tea break. Then, we headed to gulati’s and maya. I fall in love at the first sight with one fabrics at the gulatis. But I was broken hearted when I found out that it was priced almost rm100 per meter. (for a baju kurung, I have to buy 4 meters). So, I gave up. We headed to sogo. My mum splurged on new comforter set, few pairs of shoes, clothes and on me too. (so, r u still wondering, where I got this shophaholic habit?) my mum belanje dresses for me. Yeay! Will melaram with the new dress soon. Though, sgt penat (sbb berjalan dr pagi sampai ptg) but we were satisfied with our purchases on that day.

p/s: mum planning for another shopping session at klcc. Must tag along nie.


noorina said...

bukan dadih kelapa.. i think it is called kelapa jelly..
yumyum UBE catering tu mmg sedap.. aku rasa dah 3 kenduri area bangi n hulu langat aku pegi yg amik UBE ni.. paling best ialah ayam goreng rempah dia.. masyuk!!! Kitorang awal taun aritu dgn tidak malunye menghadirkan diri ke kenduri kakak kepada kwn PIPE azhar semata2 sbb tau diorang akan pakai caterer tu..hakhak

naTea said...

ooo..jelly kelapa..nnt kalo g lagi kenduri ube tu..tapaukan utk aku..aku nak letak name caterer nie dlm my dream wedding list..miahahah:P