Sunday, July 26, 2009

padah bile tak dgr cakap..

what u get when u ate mc muffin+hash brown in the morning, followed by fried mee with 1/2 cooked sunny egg for lunch, choc pretzel stix for tea and laksa asam+ mee rebus + sup tulang for dinner + buah mata kucing and marigold hl for dinner? well you got urself mc on friday , and stay at home for the whole weekend!
the food inspector might be saying "i told you so" when he read this. my trainer would say " melampau betul" my frens would say "lapa sgt ke?". hehe..but my justification was that it was a mystery why on that specific day i was having the biggest appetite ever. (this would be the last time i ate sooo many kind of food on the same was really a lesson learnt)
to cut short..the diarrhea started on friday morning which was too painful for me to bear untill i'd decided to cancel the trip to client's place n the office though i was halfway there. reached home n slept all day. my stomach in great pain and body temp was damn high. but as there was nobody at home n i didnt have the strength to walk, i just waited for mum n bro to reach home to send me to clinic and to buy something for me to eat. the next two days was recovery process which allowed me to do nothing except kuar masuk toilet, sleeping, eating porridge and watching tv. the 1st two days were very challenging, as it was very hot= fever + sore throat + headache, i loss my appetite. and alhamdulillah by sunday evening i started to feel better.
p/s: lesson learnt
1. cannot eat fast food
2. cannot eat fried food
3. cannot eat carb after 6 pm
4. listen to the trainer and the food inspector
5. never eat at mamak again


ella said...

hmm aku rase la kan, kalo terlalu berjaga2 dlm pemakanan pon bole menurunkan tahap imunisasi perut terhadap food poisoning. hehe..

Permaisuri Mawar said...

hehe but i love fast food.. like fried meal and lepaking at mamak :p

sarahtebuan said...

tuh la kak namo..srah ponx rasa cm agak melampau..even me yg pregnant ni ponx tak makan cm tuh..sory to say :| just watch what u eat..kalau tak merana perut tuh terkejut!

noorina said...

teori aku plak.. ni mesti keja 1/2 cooked egg tu..
nway.. dah setel dah kan.. dah selamat melantak yg bukan2 lg weekend ni..hahahah!

naTea said...

ella: aku rase ade betulnye tu..nnt dah kurang kebal

mawar: isk2..kate nak diet?

sarah: akak pun pelik..hari tu mmg especially sgt lapar..mak akak pun tego tau!

rina: ya! sume dah setel..dah tak sakit dah..alhamdulillah