Monday, July 20, 2009

last on mr.x . .

did u noticed it? it had been quite sometimes i talked about mr.x. but at the same time..there's no other mr. appearing in my blog. yeah, finally i got the courage to send the last sms and return the ring. hurm, i know the ring is mine, but i cant keep it anymore as it reminds me of him. i cant sell the ring bcoz theoretically is not mine (would fake silver ring cost as much as pure gold ring?) so, the best thing to do is to return it back and let him give it to anybody that he think deserve to have it. my point is that ppl who did not knew how to appreciate others doesnt deserved to be loved by me. maybe i'm the one who had try / think too much. but enough is enough.

1st month without the ring. still feeling contented and glad that i'd make that decision..:)