Saturday, July 18, 2009

pengakuan seorg penagih pembeli belah..

The initial plan was to do cardio and followed by a shopping trip at primavera and the vincci..but then the plan took a big turn when I woke up feeling drowsy and with sore throat. As mum wasn’t at home n rest of my adik2 had already out for dating, I did the spring cleaning at the house..started with my bedroom, then the living room, kitchen and bathroom. I was feeling sick but I managed to clean up everything. And soon enough, I was feeling sooo tired that I slept thru the afternoon. Woke up feeling very2 hungry but not in the mood of cooking, so I went to selayang mall and tapau bihun tomyam and brownies at secret recipe plus the original dvd of confession of shopaholic. Lately, I had developed a new habit of purchasing dvd of movies instead of Korean drama series. Yup, I’m trying to view life and relationship at a much2 more realistic perspectives.

Overall, the movie was up to my expectation. Had mixed of everything. Isla Fisher was indeed the right person to potray the shophaholic Rebecca. I love the scene where she was seduced to buy the green scarf. It was exactly what I felt when I was in dilemma whether I should buy that thing or not. I’ll start imagining how do I look when I wear that shoes. So funny and stupid too! Next best scene was the scene where she paid the long awaited outstanding to Derek Smeath (the debt collector) in form of pennies instead of bills. That was so padan muka to the debt collector who had be constanctly harassing her in the most possible way that he could. He really sounded like Ah Long!. Hugh Dancy had he’s own persona, and I’ll be looking forward to see more of him should there be sequels for this movie. A good movie to watch if you want something less complicated and less adventure.


noorina said...

what a coincidence! aku pon baru tgk mlm tadi..sambil mengiron baju. Padan muka Derek Smeath tu kan..

naTea said...

rina..kite nie mmg bff kan?

Permaisuri Mawar said...

alaaa nak gak jadi bff :p i watched that with the girls kat klcc..nor shon yus sumer ^_^