Sunday, July 19, 2009

from the fridge. . .

For lunch today, all the raw materials were sourced out from the fridge. Japanese soba with soy souce, grilled chicken breast with cream sauce and mixed crabstick salad. So, lets check out the recipe:

Japanese soba with soy sauce


Japanese soba, Celery, Fish cake,
Soy sauce, Olive oil, Pinch of salt


Boiled water in the pot and soak soba in the boiling water with a pinch of salt. Wait until the soba become soft and cooked and then sieve the soba. pour a bit of oil in the wok. Add in the fish cake.
Add in soba and followed by the soy sauce. Finally add in the celery. ready to be served. Best served with thai chili sauce.

Grilled chicken breast with cream sauce


Chicken boneless breast, Butter, Wosterchesire sauce - chicken

Marigold hl plain milk, Cheddar cheese, butter - cream sauce


melted the butter. spread thin layer of butter on the chicken and grilled the chicken. pour in around 2-3 tbsp of wosterchesire sauce based on your preferences. grilled till both side become dark brown

Cream sauce

add in butter, milk and cheese, heat and mix under low temperature until the sauce thicken. pour onto the grilled chicken

Mixed crabstick salad

Crabsticks, Mayonnaise, Romaine, Butterhead, Lettuce, Cherry tomatoes


Boiled crabsticks and sliced thinly. Sliced cherry tomatoes. Combined all the leafs and tomatoes into big bowls. Add the crabstick and mayonnaise on top and mixed well.

Easy rite? Selamat mencuba!

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