Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sumthing weird

it was 9 am. and we're both late. We refer to me n my mum. As soon we reached the KLIA, we quickly rushed to the check-in counter, while i was ransacking my bag for the itenararies and passport. Okay, i got the itenararies, but where are my passport? OMG! suddenly i realised that i dont have the passport. it was not because i left it at home. but because i dont have one! This is bad! Very2 bad. I'll be missing my first ever trip to Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan? huh.Wait a minute. Why Kazakhstan? It should have been Seoul or London. This is not happening, not having the passport..and have to let go the flight ticket which may had cost me thousands. 

Then suddenly, i heard a very loud noise. And i was awake. What a weird dream! Felt so so much relieved as i know it just a dream. but maybe it was a dream with signs. Sign to remind me that i'll be going back to KB again next saturday and sign that told me to get the passport done asap! hahaha


rina said...

hahahha! weih, takyah buat cepat2 ler pasport tu, bulan 10 kang baru buat.

naTea said...

kena buat awal..sbb..manelaa tau tetibe chip mykad aku tak dapat dibace..nak tunggu kad baru amik masa..:P