Saturday, April 10, 2010

the ups and downs . .

so many things happened. be it good or bad. march till may maybe boleh dikonsider as months yg telah or bakal menguji kekuatan aku menghadapi masalah dan for now..lets catch up . .

1. i lost my cousin, Kak Cha on 31st March 2010. She was the eldest daughter of Mak Long. Die meninggal sbb complication after giving birth her 3rd children. It was such a sudden loss. I was at office (chasing a deadline) trying hard to contain myself from crying. but at home, soon when i was reciting yaasin for her, tears was streaming down like i had never cried before. Suddenly i realised that i wont be able to see her again, to joke with her and i know things will be total different after this. Semoga roh arwah dicucuri rahmat.

2. i was back at kelantan again and will be going there again in within two weeks. So overall within two months, i had/will spent/spend 4 weekends at Kelantan. Well there goes my sweet time with family, gfs, bfs, and room. Not only that, i had gained weight too thanx to the nasi kerabu and nite outing with my colleagues. sepanjang di kota bharu, sempat pegi pasar siti khadijah, which is 5 minutes walking distance from the hotel and medan selera padang bas yg telah direlocate. i was astonished to found out that a lots of bees hovering the delicacies instead of flies (just imagine betapa manisnye kuih muih kat situ) aku cube makan jala mas. but tak menepati citarasa aku. so. aku end up makan sate perut ayam je.

3. setelah sekian lame aku tak jumpe mr.x, baru2 nie di suatu pagi aku terserempak dgn die kat klcc. he was from the lrt , i was goin to the lrt. yg peliknye, aku baru je bergosip pasal die dgn rakan2 mase aku ade gals outing n tido kat mandarin oriental on the nite before. dan2 laa tetibe pagi tu leh terserempak. tp yg lg pelik, walaupun dah lame gile tak jumpe, aku tadek skit pun rase nak tego die. well, maybe tu maknenye aku mmg dah tak amik hal pasal die kot! (he looked so serabut on that day. tak smart spt selalu though..)

4. did u know that i failed the PAC? aku tak frust pun, sbb aku tau aku tak buat the best on that day. recently aku dpt surat panggilan utk ke exam tu lagi. dan sbb tadek mood. aku abaikan je surat tu. maybe next year la kot.

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