Thursday, October 14, 2010

quickie #4

1 month and 19 days since my last entry, i presume there's no need for me to make a lengthy essay about my here goes:

1. iftar with bffs at seoul garden 1U. the buffet was good but the place was a bit to crowded. iftar wif rina&co. and izma&co. at wong solo tmn dagang. service was selow. food was yummy. iftar wif family at KGPA. lots of varieties. love the sup tulang and fried spicy pepahat. iftar office at de palma so-so. the fried cempedak, roti john n abc yummy!

2. 1st time celebrate raya @ kg after 10 years. totally different from raya@kl..much2 more better(except for the time when my aunt asking "when will u get married")..attended a few open house..did my own open house (more to makan2 wif frens)..

now, back to normal working routine-as the audit peak period is coming soon!among my things to do - planning for interim audit whilst preparing training materials whilst updating myself  wif latest technical info..byknye kan?! to make things much more challenging (or worse) soon after the bonus was paid..the resignation letters started to pour in at the hr..tau2 almost half of us had resigned..nothing to be shocked about, it was common in any audit firm..just that i dreaded the part of training the new staffs and taking over other staff's incomplete assignment..

initially, i planned to finish my exam paper first before leaving the firm..but now i dunno whether i could survived another 1-2 years there. seriously i hope i'll survived! 

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