Wednesday, June 08, 2011

failure of doing the right thing . .

something happened today. the impact should be major. but it wasnt. i did think hard. why there was no major impact. is it because of only me thinking the negative of it? or is it because that's the way thing should be as if nothing had happened. 

i felt bad as there was nothing that i can do without jeopardizing my position. i felt sad because i couldn't stopped it. and I'm a bit pissed off because she did not retaliated and tried to prove that she's not what they're thinking.

but at the end, all what i did said to A is "you know that i will asked u to persevere n fight back, but at the same time it is totally up to you. i know that u had really made up your mind, n hopefully that was the best for both side, esp you". when the only thing that i wanted to say; "grow up. stop being a crybaby. this is nothing!"

anyway things had happened. damaged is permanent. nobody want to take the blame. but never mind, as i know who caused all of this and i believed that one day, it will haunt you back. but for now, laugh as much as you like.

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