Monday, June 07, 2004

More flashback...

welcoming june 2004..though it is a lil bit late..

nothing much the paycheque for Mei 2004..having lunch at Tupai2..which is located near the MAA buildings..ermm..very nice food..very nice environment..n..very nice people too..but purse wasn't that nice..i'd to borrow rm10 from ina..huhu..later..we bank in the cheque..n while going back to the office..dana..sempat wat skill kat satu corner nie..almost terbalik..hehe..cuak..but..relieved..tak jd pape..

WEDNESDAY eyes were getting worse..the bump grew bigger..must be an eye infection then..told my mum about it..n she urged me to call my dad n asked him to accompany me to see the dr..i refused to do so..n end up planning to go to the clinic by myself tomorrow..

eventually..bengkak tu pecah..n there were minor bleeding..nasib baik tak masuk mate..later..i went to klinik what i'd suspect..eye infection..n what i'd not expect was..she gave me 2 days and friday..soo nice..

pegi selayang mall..bought computeractive n witch mag..later on..received bad of my neighbour(jiran sebelah) had passed away..i was shocked..mmglaa ajal di tgn tuhan...n bole berlaku bila2 je..but..rase cam tak percaye..anak die still kecik agi..n apetah agi..bile mengenangkan munirah (anak kedua) baru jek dpt tawaran masuk u..

Al-fatihah utk arwah Che Mah Hj Awang...

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