Wednesday, June 09, 2004

SMSing Nite

feeling much3 more better yesterday..n what makes life much more better be able to top up your hp..hahaha..seemed like my hp had been fasting for almost a month..hehe..pity you..after top up-ing..i decided to change to sms plan..hurmm..ya laah..dun have to call anybody now..paling2 mum..or for urgent stuff..sesampai jek kat umah..went on sms crazy with my frens..hehe..seronok2..nway..cite fave aku..snow angel dah nak abis..ganti ngan my fair lady..jumaat yg aku tgh tunggu skang..cite One Three!!..kalo laa 8tv dpt tayang Ragnarok anime..lagi best rasenye..

>>rindunyee nak main RAGNAROK !!!

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