Tuesday, March 08, 2005


ari ni dah masuk ari ke 4..since i decided to stop the whole thing which currently uncontrollable by both of us..hurm..till today..emotionally unstable..but i will try my best..to overcome this..its not easy..to stop talking to sumone who used to be the one who make me stay up till late at night..semata2 nak borak ngan die..tp tula..i believe i can live w/o him..:P

as for yesterday..rase cam hari yg penuh dgn benda tak best..memule..b4 gie test..jari tersepit kat pintu..which make me rase nak nangis...sbb sakittt..then..bile sampai kat test room..bile tgk paper test..cam blur kejap..walhal..sempat ulang bace notes tu 2 kali..maybe it is becoz i just read it for the sake of taking the test..later..malam tu..gi library..to return the books that i had borrowed months ago..isk..lewat 3 minggu tuh..tataulaa kena bayar denda bape byk..sbbnye..bile aku dah spend mase nak setelkan sume..system takleh detect laa plak..aaaa..malasnye nak pegi lagi..sumhow..setel utang buku last sem..rm 1.20..wth..walhal ari tu..aku baru baya rm 9..mesti ade yg tak kena nie..n mlm tu..aku ingat nak tido awal..tp baru sejam aku tdo adelaa 2 ekor kucing bertuah nie..buat bising tak ingat..aku ingat diorg nak mengawan..tp upenye nak gaduh..s#4! je..sampai aku tak jd nak teruskan tido..n gie belaja men dota..

sumthing to be suprised..he ym me..might be becoz of my status..complaining about my bad luck day..die tulis 2 ayat je..the first one i dun remember..(bace skali je)..n followed by 'take care'..n aku yg sengal nie..telah merosakkan kejap..mision aku..dgn mereply ym tuh..soooo Stupiddddd of me...argghhh..why am i doing this...

erm..luckilly..next week dah mid break..cant wait to be with my mum..spend time wif my sis..n try to forget about this crap thingy..

p/s: i just cant believe myself..dah sampai camnie pun..i can still control my tears..maybe he's not worth it..

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rina said...

he is not worth it..yup