Tuesday, March 08, 2005

innuendo to my heart

//cant find the rite word to express feeling? express it in poem..songs..bla bla bla..like me:

Pieces of my dreams
Shattered all around
I could not cry
My tears were dry

Empty heart, the lonely nights
Tired of my soul
Bittered I just fought my fights
Hurt me to the bone

Cannot cry, for cannot love
Cannot laugh, but no one sees
If I could, for just one day
Sing the songs of happiness
In silence I would pray

Pieces of my dreams
Shattered all around
But if I’d try
What would they think of me?
I want to cry
Escape this messed-up puppetry

No word could heal
My deepest wounds
My mortal soul
The truth
The pain
My memories

Innuendo to my heart
For my tears are dry
Tearing me apart

I cannot cry

*taken from internet..

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