Saturday, March 05, 2005

FeeLinGs ComPiLer

dear blog..last week had been a very difficult time for me..dealing wif such undefined feelings..n yet i dunno what is the correct way to express whats inside my mind rite now..

hurmm..i dunno..what kind of game that we're playing rite now..fighting like kids..ermm..n sumhow..i just cant keep asking u..who's fault is it..when kite sendri dah tau..salah siapa..

yup..both of us want things back to sakit ati..believe me..kalo boleh i want to erase part of my that i can simply forget about how all of this what u've is impossible..but..did u realize sumthing..i'm the one who been trying to mend things between us..but u're making things much more complicated to me..

last nite..i've decided..this is my last try..i wont try anymore after this..i'm too tired thinking about us..n i know that u're also having difficult times..wif my frens..

i dun want to be the person who keep asking u; "r u ok?".."apesal wat camtu"..anymore..

i dun want to be org yg selalu mengalah..everytime..we had an argue..anymore..

i dun want to be the person..who said its my fault when it is ur fault..anymore..

n i dun want to have sleepless nite anymore..thinking why r u doing all of this to me..n why this is happening to me..

jealousy might be the reason why..n though at first i think i dun have the right to be jealous..or whatever..still u dun have the right to mess up my feeling like that..

sorry if i had said sumthing that hurt u..or causing u to feel really miserable..

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