Wednesday, August 09, 2006

an invitation

received a wedding invitation. i wish i could mention the guy's name. but sorry. nnt kecoh plak jdnye..rite? but the main issue whether i shoud go or not. small issue is it? but not for i eventually sgt2 ske kat this guy since dr primary lagi. n we eventually got to be frens when we were at secondary. tp bile die dah masuk uniten n me gi utp..sume putus camtu je..walhal we're neighbour..hurmm..once again..mmg tadek my lil sis passed the card to me..i was speechless. but try to hide the feeling..though i really2 wanted to cry but i only my heart cry..n this morning..i decided to go to utp for a convocation ceremony there..i know i have to skip class..which is quite important class..but to attend his wedding..i really cant..

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rina said...

mari balik UTP (sila tuang kelas)
kita bole berpoya2 nnt kat sana