Monday, August 07, 2006

love = money ?

last year i'd posted an entry pasal rotan so this time nak sambung lg skit.. when i was still kid..everytime i kena rotan (make it rotan itself or hanger or belt) selalu rase marah sgt..kinda rase cam nak revenge balik je bile dah besar nnt.. but now..bile dah grown up nie..i felt very grateful coz my parents penah rotan i.. bcoz it makes me realize that the main reason why they rotan me..bcoz they love me.. unlike other parents (bukan sume laa..beberapa org) they show their love n affection through money..but then money is not everything.. it could never replace parents is important..i know..but it is not a medium to show ur affection..parents may think when they can provide everything for their children..that shud be would never be enough..becoz money is not is just a thing that can be used to nurture maintain family educate to be..n yg belum kawin tu pk2 laa..napelaa tetibe nak diskas mende camnie ek? act. las week i'd a very interesting encounter with ex-drug addicts.. this guy told me how he involved with this drug thing..and beside blaming himself (bravo for that) he also mentioned that becoz of his parents gave him too much money ..he didnt know what to do with it n started to befriend with the wrong ppl and his parents never bother about it (bz with works n meetings) and eventually became addicted with drugs..btw his parents was damn pissed off when they got to know about it..n of course they blamed him laa..they said they gave him everything why he must returned back like it really EveryThing ??

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krospa said...

Hi Nadiah,
I saw your blog and I agree with you that discipline is necessary for children. I tried to read the post "rotan" that you mention, but it's all in Malay :-(!!! (you know that, of course... ). Could you translate to english??? I'd like to see how is punishment in your country...Thanks very much!!! :-D