Friday, February 22, 2008

8 more to go

Finally, i got my exam result out. And as expected (which is either i failed or marginally passed the paper) i'd marginally passed the paper with 55 marks (alhamdulillah). At least i dont have to repeat the paper again. However, as i'm opted to the Oxford Brookes University's degree program, this had effected my overall marks. So, i have to work harder for the remaining 3 papers (tax, audit and financial mgmt). I have to get at least 80 for all the paper. That really requires a lots of hard work!
On the other hand, to fully completed the ACCA (getting the membership), i still have 8 more paper to go, professional ethics module, practical experience. That is a still long way to go..(rasenye sempat kawin n dpt anak lagi)..


noorina said...

we need to celebrate it :P

Permaisuri Mawar said...

yeay jom :) hopefully i wont fell sick and some more i still owe the bday girl ^_^6

naDia MoHd said...

thanx gals..hehe..yes..we should celebrate this..sumore bukan nak selebret aku je..nak selebret other things(refering to Rina) too..heheh..nway..kite postponed till i started working again..

noorina said...

aa take your time, aku pon skang takleh nak mkn sebarangan, takde selera. we will wait until u start work, then it will be triple celebrations! :)