Monday, February 18, 2008

My dear mum

last sun, my mum learnt a new tips on watching cd. As most of the time whenever we wanted to watch a movie, it is either, me or my other two sisters who operating the cd player as my mum dunno how to use it though we had demonstrated to her for a quite a number of times. but that specific day, she decided she wanted to watch Sivaji the Boss and as me and my sis were too lazy to get up to put in the cd. My mum did it all by herself. Finally, my mum managed to play the cd. However, as throughout the 1st cd, i noticed that the plot of the movie seemed to be extremely fast. After watching for about 45 minutes, i started to ask myself, if everything had already had been told in the 1st cd, what left in the rest 2 cd. That was exactly when i got the answer, when the credits started to run through. My mum had actually played the last cd! Despite of being a bit frustrated, we eventually burst into laughter.
p/s: since that, my mum had insisted that only us will put in the cd.

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Permaisuri Mawar said...

tak tengok lagi citer tu ^_^6